The Rules:

1. No cursing

2. Please be nice to others

3. Don't not roleplay any one elses charters.

4. Make sure all you pokemons have names. The only one nameless is one of the founder's, called just N's Zerkon.

5. I don't care if you missspell pokemon names. I do as well.


7. You can have 3 pokemon trainers that are fan-made and 5 fan-made pokemons. Chat Mods can make 8 fan-made pokemons and Admins can make 10 fan-made pokemons.

8. You can only roleplay as many pokemons as your allowed to create at your rank and can only roleplay 3 trainers/

9. Please respect the owner and admins. The owner's username is TheMinecraftWolfStar.

10. Do not ask why WolfStar uses boy-charters more than girls. Truly, I(the owner) likes boy charters better than girl charters for video games(Expect for Samus from Metroid), even if i'm a girl! I do play with a girl trainer on my Pokemon Black.....